Best Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Slider at The Pretzel Bakery
340 15th St. SE, (202) 450-6067
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D.C.’s best breakfast sandwich is not served on a bagel. It’s served on an everything-pretzel roll at Capitol Hill’s The Pretzel Bakery. The breakfast slider is what you would expect in a traditional breakfast sandwich: sharp cheddar, eggs (in this case, local and organic), and strips of bacon. But the real reason this sandwich is a standout is the pretzel roll, which is always baked within a 30-minute window. “It’s the unsung hero of the sandwich‚” owner Sean Haney says. The neighborhood seems to agree; Haney goes through about 12 to 14 dozen breakfast sliders on any given Saturday or Sunday, and he generally runs out by the early afternoon. (Important: check Facebook or Twitter before you go to verify supplies.) “It’s getting pretty difficult to keep up with it,” he says. “We could do more but that would take the focus away from the pretzels.” At $3 for one slider or $5 for two, the price is right for stockpiling, too.