Best Bite for Quack Addicts

Cured DC
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
The humble hog has long been the star of most charcuterie platters. And Cured DC founder Chris Johnson can do wonders with pork, but his duck prosciutto may be his most compelling creation. The charcuterist begins by salt-curing Moulard duck breasts for two days. Spicing is minimal, though he’ll occasionally throw in smoked paprika or ginger. The meat is aged for six weeks before it’s sliced into thin ribbons and sold through Cured DC’s charcuterie CSA (aka a carnivore’s wet dream) or at local shops, such as Each Peach Market and Little Red Fox. Rich and briny, but not swiney, the melt-on-your-tongue meat is the definition of uber-umami.