Best Restaurant Website Soundtrack

Super Tacos & Bakery
1762 Columbia Rd. NW, (202) 232-7121
Gripes about restaurant websites could fill an entire special issue of City Paper (The “CUT IT OUT WITH THE DOWNLOADABLE PDF MENUS” Issue, anyone?). And the site for Adams Morgan Mexican joint Super Tacos & Bakery, by all logic, should be really annoying. It features what is normally that most insufferable, needless digital add-on: an MP3 that automatically plays when you load the site. The song begins with the sound of a starting bell. A voice squeals, in Spanish, “They call me Super Tacos, because I can feed everyone!” Loading the site means embarking on a sonic journey to a world where chipmunks sing much of the Super Tacos menu at you, where high-pitched computer angels chirp en Español about pozole. It is unexpected and completely charming, the sort of magical Internet phenomenon you insist guests listen to at parties. And it’s actually informative, particularly if you’re blind or illiterate. Or, of course, hungry.