Best Reason to Drive to Annandale

Oegadgib’s unlimited-meat Korean BBQ
7331 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, (703) 941-3400
What with Virginia’s nonsensical legislation designed to limit what women can do with their bodies, I was preparing to boycott the Commonwealth entirely earlier this year. Luckily, the watering-down of the putrid ultrasound law means I can in good conscience still visit Oegadgib, a tiny Korean barbecue joint on Little River Turnpike. Oegadgib is less well-known than its 24-hour cousin, Honey Pig, but what it’s got going for it is relatively epic: the $16 unlimited-meat option on the menu. Unlimited, in Korean, means exactly what it does in English: Servers will continually bring platters of bulgogi, pork belly, and short ribs until you’ve eaten your fill. And the price tag does indeed include banchan, the spread of traditional Korean appetizers like namul (stir-fried vegetables), kimchi, and gyeran jjim (steamed egg casserole). Oegadgib fills up after 9 p.m., but get there early for maximum meat consumption.