Best Place to Waste an Afternoon Trying to Pick the Right Chocolate

1904 18th St NW, (202) 328-1506
Panic-ridden lovers on the brink of making a bad impulse buy for their sweetheart should take a breather and head over to Cocova. Whether you’re looking for a good-quality, plain dark chocolate bar or something a little more inspired like a pomegranate truffle, you’re bound to find something delicious in this little chocolate treasure trove near Dupont Circle. Its small size can be deceptive, and serious chocoholics could easily lose a whole afternoon wasted on the hunt for the perfect bar. But fear not. The helpful staff have eaten more chocolate than you ever dared, and are eager to offer suggestions and, better, samples; they’re likely to introduce you to something delicious you didn’t know you wanted. For a fast escape, we suggest you hit the truffle table. With an interesting mix of delicious flavors and simple classics, you won’t leave disappointed. You just won’t leave soon.