Best Hotel Bar

Helix Lounge
1430 Rhode Island Ave NW, (202) 462-9001
Stepping into the bar at Logan Circle’s Hotel Helix is a bit like time traveling to 1993. Well, a Eurotrash music video in 1993. I mean that in the best possible way. The all-white walls, ceiling, and furniture is lit with bright, slowly-rotating neon lights that are both soothing and mesmerizing. If you start to feel a little silly, relax: There are no hipsters here. Just weary travelers who want a drink, a burger, and someone friendly to serve it to them. Plus, Helix Lounge is no longer on the radar of the well-heeled happy hour crowd, and the music isn’t overly loud, so you can sip, eat, and have a good conversation with a pal or three. How’s the food? It’s about what you’d expect from a hotel bar. But really, it all comes back to the atmosphere, and there, we say, if you can let go of your pretensions, you can’t go wrong.