Best High-End Happy Meal

Fish filet sandwich at Bourbon Steak
2800 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. (202) 944-2026
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Going to McDonald’s as a kid was a two-fold treat: I got to eat usually verboten junk food, and I would always come home with a Happy Meal toy. Somewhere in a box full of forgotten tchotchkes, I still have a hamburger Transformer and a rockstar-styled McNugget Buddy. Eventually I lost my love of the Golden Arches, because I began to realize just how shitty the food is and how bad it is for you. Luckily for McJunkies with a conscience, Bourbon Steak’s executive chef Adam Sobel has created his own version of the Filet-O-Fish. He starts by brining striped bass or halibut, which he then dips in Bass Ale batter before deep-frying it golden brown. The fish is popped onto a toasted bun slathered with lemon butter, then topped off with melted white cheddar, a house-made chunky tartar sauce, and ribbons of Romaine. There’s just one thing missing, chef: Where’s my toy?