Best Cookie You Didn’t Plan To Buy

Anything at Cork Market
1805 14th St. NW, (202) 265-2674
I didn’t even want a cookie. The only thing on my mind was a robust, full-bodied Zinfandel in the $12-$16 range. But at Cork Market, it’s tough to walk out with a lone bottle. The shop’s local cheese cries out for a nosh, and its upscale snacks and chocolate are just as tough to brush off. But cast an eyeball at the wine shop’s check-out counter, and you’re blindsided by Cork’s deadliest weapon: its alluring dessert display. Depending on the day, the seductive selections could include salted caramel pecan bars, dark chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter fudge brownies—or fresh donuts, on Sundays only. Cork is a wine market that’s packing heat in the sweets department. Just don’t forget the vino.