Best Cheap Booze

Fox & Hounds
1537 17th St. NW. (202) 232-6307
It’s no secret that Fox & Hounds brings your highball drinks in two parts: one is an airplane-sized bottle of soda, and the other is a glass filled to the brim with ice and the alcohol of your choice. But this is a friendly reminder that at a rock-bottom $6, Fox & Hounds’ 7-and-7—or gin and tonic, or whiskey and soda, or rum and coke—will get you way more sloshed on way less cash than the same drink anywhere else in the city. Even that pinnacle of dive bars, Dan’s Cafe, will charge you $8 for your rail drink. So post up next to the jukebox, grab a server when you’ve got the good luck to see one, and know you’re sipping—or chugging—the best, booziest deal in town.