Best Charcuterie Turned Cocktail Garnish

Prosciutto on a stick at Black Jack
1612 14th Street NW, (202) 986-8778
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The Cigar, the house signature cocktail at Black Jack, is partly defined by its unusual block of peach nectar-infused ice, uniquely prepared in a sausage smoker. Another defining characteristic: the healthy slice of speared prosciutto teetering upon the rim of the glass. Sure, other places in town have incorporated fancy meat products into their mixology programs. The seared pork-belly skewer served atop the Toki Monster at Toki Underground is a standout. At Fiola, one drink skips the flesh entirely for slicks of venison fat floating atop your libation. But the way the charcuterie at Black Jack slides around when you first lean in for a sip adds an extra degree of intrigue and innuendo. As my dining companion loudly proclaimed one evening, “The meat keeps smacking me in the face.”