Best Candy with a Kick

Ghost Bomb lollipops at Härth
7920 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, (703) 847-5000
Hot Tamales, Fireballs, and Red Hots are for wimps. Sugar junkies looking for a serious capsaicin kick really have only one option: Chef Tom Elder’s Ghost Bomb lollipops at Härth in Tysons Corner. These handmade pops are pumped up with hyper-hot ghost chilies grown in the on-site garden and sweetened with honey harvested from the chef’s own rooftop hives. They are fire incarnate. Just a few licks of one and my mouth erupted. I have a good tolerance for heat, but even I did not get all the way down to the stick in a single sitting. That’s OK, because the flavor was worth a return visit. Underneath the peppery blast of the ghost chilies, the mellow floral tones of the honey shine. These handheld treats are a nice way to finish off a chili-centric meal at the restaurant, which could also include fiery Sloppy Joe sliders amped with ghost chilies and a Flame cocktail made with chili syrup. It’s only a matter of time before Heat Seekers films an episode here, so come get your Ghost Bomb on before the place is overrun with Food Network fans. Or simply catches fire, whatever comes first.