Best Beer-and-Shot Combo

Boh and Beam at Looking Glass Lounge
3634 Georgia Avenue Nw, (202) 722-7669
If, say, you find yourself settled in for a long night of trivia at Looking Glass Lounge (seriously, trivia there runs 3-plus hours), then you probably want to choose your drink wisely. Too much beer, and you’ll find yourself drunk and/or wanting to pee many times before the night is over. Too much whiskey, and you’ll find yourself drunk, and probably spending more money than is reasonable, and also, drunk. As drunkenness does not help with trivia, it’s best to slow your roll. Enter the National Bohemian and Jim Beam combo. $5, and you’ve got a good cheap beer and a shot of whiskey that you can sip—sip!—as you work your way through the rounds of questions. The Boh and Beam goes great with a round of fried pickles, it should be noted.