Best Wine Shop Sandwich

A.M. Wine Shoppe
2122 18th St. NW, (202) 506-2248
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Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Why don’t more wine stores sell quality meat and provisions along with their bottles of vino? Sure, you can go to a large place like Calvert-Woodley and go bonkers with the selection. Cork Market on 14th Street NW certainly has wonderful items in the meat-cheese-and-bread department, but it’s all just a little too perfect. As A.M. Wine Shoppe in Adams Morgan proves, you don’t need too many frills to create a place that more neighborhoods should have: a simple corner wine store that makes a killer sandwich. A.M. sources its bread from Lyon Bakery in Southwest and its meat from two domestic salumerias (including New York City’s Biellese). Much of the antipasti and cheese is local. There aren’t too many sandwiches to choose from, but each one is quality. For instance, the AdMorghese, with finochino, mortadella, prosciutto, provolone, spicy pickles, and olive oil on semolina sesame bread, hits the spot. So does the grilled vegetable sandwich, especially when porchetta is added. The high quality and attention to detail at the wine shop shouldn’t be too much of a surprise—it’s affiliated with Cashion’s Eat Place on Columbia Road. Those nearby are lucky to have both within walking distance.
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