Best Vegan Brunch

Café Green
1513 17th St. NW, (202) 234-0505
Website Facebook @cafegreenDC on Twitter
It’s not easy being vegan in D.C., or so I’ve heard. Outside of the usual suspects—Asylum, Sticky Fingers Bakery, Busboys & Poets—brunch options are sparse for the meat-and-dairy averse, as some combination of Hollandaise and pork products still rule the day. Thankfully, the addition of Café Green provides vegetarians and vegans an opportunity for a sit-down brunch where they can peruse an entire menu, rather than be confined to the lone dish with an asterisk. Though Café Green has had its fair share of growing pains—no one should dine there in a hurry—its brunch options, inexplicably not served on Saturday, include inventive fare like mung bean pancakes and a meatless interpretation of a traditional Irish breakfast. Yet its simplest dish is also the best. The deluxe tofu scramble with a choice of veggies, coupled with bottomless Kombucha mimosas for only $20, is a cost-effective and satisfying way to start your Sunday.
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