Best Use of a Whole Pig

2020 P St. NW, (202) 466-4441
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

Nothing goes to waste at Eola, not even pig’s brains. And chef and co-owner Daniel Singhofen makes it, and other offal, into high art. “If we’re responsible for taking life, then we need to be responsible with what we do with that animal,” he told Washington City Paper earlier this year. “We try to use as much as we can, and not waste anything.”

Dishes that might seem ordinary, like tortellini, chicken fried steak, and tempura fries, are all made from different parts of a pig’s head. “It’s a challenge to turn this stuff into a wonderful dish and then convince people to order it,” Singhofen said. “But when it’s good, it’s nothing like you’ve ever tasted.”

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