Best Unintentionally Vaginal Dessert

The Aegean Delight at Agora
1527 17th St. NW, (202) 332-6767
Website Facebook @AgoraDC on Twitter
Photograph by Steve Hay
Agora, a Turkish meze kitchen that opened in Dupont Circle last spring, is perhaps better known for its köfte and dorma, but diners shouldn’t overlook the sweets. Behold the Aegean Delight: peach-colored lips that come together in a glistening slit, which culminates at one end with a nubby mound. The downright O’Keefeian dessert is made up of dried apricots stuffed with walnuts atop a bed of mascarpone cheese, dotted with pine nuts and drizzled with caramel sauce. It’s as delicious as it is dirty—with an interplay of crunchy and creamy, sweet and savory, sticky and smooth. This is a dessert for when you have the time to slowly roll each flavor, each texture around in your mouth. No quickies, please.
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