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Nutelloco at Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizza
8113 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, (301) 588-1011
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Lotharios are sometimes fond of saying, “Let’s forget dinner and just have dessert, honey.” These wannabe Hefners are talking about the booty, not chocolate cake or banana splits. While there’s a lot to be said for skipping straight to the sex, there’s a viable argument to be made for savoring the actual dessert course. This is especially true when the sweet finale might help a struggling Casanova seal the deal. If a swinging-but-not-scoring Prince Charming has taken his date to Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizza in Silver Spring, he’s in luck, because there’s a secret weapon at hand. He should order the Nutelloco, a bubbled and chewy pizza crust slathered with rich Nutella and topped with fresh strawberries. Ask the chef nicely and it’ll be made into the shape of a heart, which should impress even the most standoffish of dates. If it sweeps them off their feet so much that they exclaim, “Let’s forget dessert and just have ‘dessert,’ honey,” make sure you get your Nutelloco to go, because it undoubtedly makes a lovely post-coital treat.
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