Best Restaurant for a Cross-Section of D.C.

3113 14th St. NW, (202) 939-2801
It’s a sensitive topic, but if you ask Washingtonians if there are any restaurants in town that are equally popular among African-Americans and whites, they’ll probably suggest—after a little defensiveness—Busboys & Poets. It’s true, patrons tend to be a mix of races, but many seem to be cut from a similar cloth: hip, artsy, and educated. For a better picture of the city’s diverse population, head to Chipotle’s Columbia Heights location, in the heart of the neighborhood’s busy shopping crossroads. The chain burrito-taco joint opened this location in December 2009 and it’s become one of the busiest spots in town, with a near-constant line that seems to move at a crawl. Customers, all slowly shuffling forward, represent as close to a cross-section of the city as one can exist: There are reliably clumps of rowdy teenagers, limp office workers on their way home, women with large families in tow, and hipsters in caps and skinny jeans. Another thing about it that feels typically D.C.? Everyone in line eyes each other, but few interact.
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