Best Reason to Cough

Blistered Shishitou Peppers at Estadio
1520 14th St. NW, (202) 319-1404
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Estadio’s blistered shishitou peppers are a food lover’s Russian roulette—and can be just as hazardous as bullets. Traveling from Mexico, with a pit stop for a minute and a half dip in the Logan Circle restaurant’s deep fryer, these peppers can leave you with a mouth of fire, but only sometimes. Depending on how late the peppers, which have Japanese origins, are picked, the shiny green gems can produce a deliciously fiery pleasure or a cough-inducing haze. Each serving, about 20 peppers, provides a few lucky eaters with a chance to taste pure heat (1 in 10 ratio of very hot to hot). But the cough will be worth the ab workout for an inferno-laced bite with a touch of sea salt.
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