Best Parfait

Westchester Restaurant
4000 Cathedral Ave. NW, (202) 333-1882
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
There are many things to love about the quirky but classic Westchester restaurant, the last of D.C.’s grand apartment-building dining rooms that’s open to non-residents. Turkish chef Haaki Muslu and his wife Ayse own and operate the stately and sedate restaurant at the massive Westchester apartment complex. Doilies fit neatly into gold-rimmed saucers, which match coffee cups. Parsley sprigs are used as plating decorations for Muslu’s dishes, which span the worlds of Turkish, continental, and American cooking. The best bookend to the meal comes in a tall, curvaceous parfait glass filled with ice cream, whipped cream, and your choice of strawberry, chocolate, or butterscotch sauce. The first few bites are the most tricky—as the long, silver spoon digs in, the mixture bubbles up and oozes down the sides of the attractive glass, which sits on a doily. You can try to avoid a parfait eruption, but it’s inevitable. So you’ll need that long spoon to extract the last of the parfait mixture from the bottom of the glass.
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