Best Non-Breakfast Pancakes

Savory Shrimp Pancakes at Ba Bay
633 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 547-1787
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With inspiration from the kimchi pancakes at Annandale’s Yechon restaurant, the savory shrimp pancake was born. Ba Bay blends the classic American pancake recipe (but with extra baking soda) and the Asian-style egg-and-shrimp omelet to create a fluffy, buttery flapjack that’s best suited for just after the breakfast hour. Eggs are slowly scrambled with sambal chili sauce and after just a few minutes, tiny rock shrimp are folded in. Gently, the eggs combine with the batter so clumps stay intact, and the package is then fried in don’t-tell-me-how-much butter. After a quick sear and gentle heat for about three minutes, the hefty pancake is flipped over for another three. The butter that permeates the pancake is almost enough for its own sauce, but Ba Bay’s “house vinaigrette”—Maggi sauce, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, grapeseed oil, shallots, and scallions—can cut the richness. And then you might miss the butter!
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