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The Argonaut
1433 Maryland Ave. NE, (202) 250-3660
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It’s no secret that the bar and restaurant business can be tough. But few places have gone through what the Argonaut has in the past few years. The pub was an early pioneer in H Street’s commercial rebirth, but has been on the front lines of some ugly tests of faith in the neighborhood. In 2006, an Argonaut bartender/waiter was shot in the head a block away after closing, prompting an outpouring of community support for the tight-knit Argo family. The bar’s been broken into. And to top it off, the place was severely damaged by a fire last June, which required a major rehabilitation. Since the latest iteration of the Argonaut opened in January, some loyalists have lamented the new place isn’t as “divey” as the Argonaut of yesteryear. That may be so. But it would be silly for the bar to not evolve and improve as the rest of the H Street corridor reshapes itself. The Argonaut is the face of a changing neighborhood. And the fish tacos are still fantastic.
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