Best Movie-Theater Food Selection

West End Cinema
Let’s be honest: Most movie theater food is overpriced and terrible. Just some lousy popcorn and a medium-sized soda could set you back 12 bucks (not to mention the copious amounts of saturated fat polluting the butter-laden snack). It’s almost worse than getting beer at a baseball game. At art-house theaters, however, the standards are a little higher. Most local niche operations offer a tasty assortment of pastries and libations alongside the classic popcorn and candy you’d expect; E Street Cinema even features an espresso bar. What puts West End Cinema over the top is not the three delicious beers it has on tap, nor is it the fresh roast beef or hummus-and-veggie sandwiches. It’s the baklava. I can’t get enough of that moist, flaky treat, with its nutty flavor and sweet, syrupy counterpart. I just wish I could get through the honey-covered confection with clean hands.
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