Best Burger-Joint Milkshakes

Good Stuff Eatery, Elevation Burger, BGR
303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 543-8222; Elevation Burger and BGR, various locations
When you think about it, the idea of a milkshake as a natural partner to a burger and fries is pretty weird. A rich-as-hell dessert, an ice cream shake is probably better enjoyed on its own, rather than topping off a belly already full with heavy food. But this city is awash in burger joints, and anyone who loves a good shake is benefiting. But since most of the press is about which restaurant serves the best burger, it’s hard to know where to go for a great frozen treat. Start at Good Stuff Eatery. The menu only lists a few flavors, including a yummy and vanilla-y (and very sweet) toasted marshmallow, a black and white, and a Milky Way version. Good Stuff makes its own custard, which gives the shake a smooth, uniform texture—it doesn’t necessarily have the ice crystals that shake aficionados are used to, but it’s still special. Around the suburbs, Elevation Burger makes another good milkshake, scooped from hard ice cream. It has a more typical texture and can be customized to include fruit or other flavors. When you’re craving something simple, go to BGR: The Burger Joint. The shakes are pretty basic—just chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, plus a flavor of the month—but they’re hand-scooped from Gifford’s ice cream, have a great texture, and aren’t cloyingly sweet.
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