Best Shaved Meat Sandwich

Urfa Tomato Kabob
740 6th St. NW; (202) 347-1178
You know the gyro. You’ve stared at countless cones of pressed meat slowly rotating on skewers until the spicy fragrance tickles your nostrils and you’re filled with a kind of carnivore lust best not discussed in polite society. So you order the classic gyro, that pile of shaved meat topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and yogurt sauce. It’s fine, but you can do better. Urfa Tomato Kabob has been serving döner kebab, the gyro’s Turkish cousin, for more than a year now in a small shop around the corner from the Verizon Center. The place offers several varieties, including the Euro (topped with French fries). But it is Urfa’s bread that wins over purists. The shop’s sandwiches don’t come on flat, boring pita; they come on traditional house-made sandwich rolls, which are puffier and more substantial. It’s a testament to Urfa’s commitment to the cause that the place went through several versions before finding this winner. Döner you think it’s time to try it?

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