Best Reason to Visit Adams Morgan on the Weekend

Angles Bar & Billiards
2339 18th St. NW; (202) 462-8100
Adams Morgan gets a lot of crap—in this publication and elsewhere—for turning into an open-air urinal on the weekends. The hordes of NoVa tourists, the parade of little black dresses, and the march of the distressed ball caps have cemented Adams Morgan’s rep as the District’s frat row come Friday night happy hour. But if you’ve lived or worked long enough in the neighborhood, there is one bar that does not cater to pledges—Angles. It is the only bar for regulars: old heads, Caps fans, grumpy reporters, and the like. Inside, the place doesn’t smell like vomit and won’t pound your head with shitty dance music. You will also notice that there are plenty of empty tables and chairs. If you want, there’s a bar stool with your name on it, and maybe the guy at the end will share his Post with you. The bartender isn’t a muscled HGH experiment or an overly-studied mixologist. But he will greet you with a head nod, let you run a tab, and give you the perfectly poured tall cold one. If you order food, go with the perfectly smoky BLT. To paraphrase one patron, it’s like putting a campfire in your mouth. And no one will fight you for it.

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