Best New Pizza—A Second Opinion

Seventh Hill Pizza
327 7th St. SE; (202) 544-1911
As much as it must have pained a pair of Francophiles like Stephane Lezla and Christopher Raynal to open a pizzeria, the owners of Montmartre came out strong with their Seventh Hill Pizza, located conveniently next to their respected bistro. Credit their (almost) instant success to talented pizzaiolo Anthony Pilla. Pilla uses flour from Naples and fires his thin-crust pizzas in an oven outfitted with stones imported from France. Despite the European influences, many of the toppings come from nearby Eastern Market, and the menu consists of 11 pies named after Capitol Hill neighborhoods. The Seventh Street features a flavorful combination of roasted red peppers and prosciutto, while the Eastern Market is topped with tangy goat cheese, tapenade, mushrooms, and a sprinkling of herbs. The flavors may be big at Seventh Hill, but the space is small. Good thing the weather’s turning warmer again, so you can sit on the patio, just you and your pie.

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