Best New Late-Night Pizza Now That Philly P’s Has Closed

Tuscany Cafe
3261 Prospect St. NW; (202) 333-9112
M Street partiers and Georgetown students alike were left hanging when their go-to pie house, Philly Pizza and Grill, became embroiled in a zoning kerfuffle. While the details of the case are as thick as the grease blanketing the joint’s slices, the result was the shutdown of Georgetown’s premier pizza parlor. Tuscany Cafe has been the beneficiary of Philly P’s legal woes, stepping into the latter’s grease-supplier role like an overeager understudy. Located far from the neighbors who plagued Philly P’s, Tuscany serves up that classic late-night tummy rumbler: pizza doused in ranch dressing. It also has a great hangover killer with its fettuccine Alfredo. Even better, you can order either one, or anything else, until 4 a.m.

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