Best New Bodega

1002 K St. SE; (202) 525-1653
Now that every neighborhood (every block?) has its own hyperlocal blog, which instantly transforms the random door frame and liquor license hearing into “local news,” it makes sense that the corner bodega would follow suit, forsaking many national products for those closer home. OK, sure, the corner store is still convenient for ice, toilet paper, or a pint of Cherry Garcia, but your friendly neighborhood bodega now likely stocks organic teas, fresh sushi, or local milk in glass bottles. While Bloomingdale locals can brag about Timor Bodega’s pioneer status and its selection of locally raised meats, the best new bodega can be found at the corner of 3rd and K Streets SE, near Nationals Park. Albert Oh’s Cornercopia stocks a wide range of unexpected delights, such as veggie tofu dumplings, organic egg salad, and various dairy products from Trickling Spring Creamery. Add in made-to-order sandwiches and a surprising selection of craft beers, and you have a bodega worth blogging about.

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