Best Most Knowledgeable Wine Store

MacArthur Beverages
4877 MacArthur Blvd. NW; (202) 338-1433
Tom Hanna may no longer work at MacArthur Beverages, but he left a lasting impression on customers and employees alike as, for years, he guided them through the many varietals and vagaries of Italian wine. Joe Kluchinsky, on the other hand, is still a presence here, and he has the kind of access to Burgundy growers that’s the envy of his peers. And you need help with the Rhone region? Steve Cornwell is your man. These are just some of the experts at MacArthur whose patience, knowledge, and friendly attitude make it a pleasure to explore and discover new bottles at this wine shop in Palisades. Never pushy, the staff here knows how to steer you through the aisles packed with bottles from around the world, helping you to find your favorites, not theirs, to put in your basket.

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