Best Edible Cold Remedy

DC Noodles
1410 U St. NW ; (202) 232-8424
DC Noodles nursed me back to health. Last November, for a period of three days, nearly all I consumed was “noodles in spicy soup,” with my preferred additions of crispy and soft tofu. I saw my energy rise and fall according to how long ago I had slurped down this broth, an enticing light-brown pool with ground peanuts on the bottom and cilantro, spring onions, bean sprouts, and carrots floating on top. It was my own little immune system booster. If, by chance, peanuts alone are sickness-inducing to you, DC Noodles has other broth options, such as the less-spicy “clear soup” and the sodium-heavy “soy soup,” each of which comes with your option of wide or thin noodles. Tip: Go for the thin ones; the wide noodles are too slippery for chop sticks. What’s more, each soup has a variety of elective proteins: pork, chicken, beef, Vietnamese pork sausages, and fish and crab meatballs, among others. If you’re attempting solids, the pumpkin empanadas are a worthy choice, too.

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