Best Bar With Board Games

Red Derby
3718 14th St. NW; (202) 291-5000
No one’s too cool to play board games in the dark, brick-encased bar known as Red Derby. 28-year-olds dressed in layers and tights drink canned beer while trying to think their way through any one of the 15-plus games available, including Jenga, Risk, and Clue. As for those canned beers: There’s the $2 Schlitz but also the $4 Dale’s Pale Ale, a strikingly good beer that proves aluminum can hold its own against the tyranny of dark glass. Moo Thunder, another $4-canned star, is a rowdy yet creamy stout. Between games and beer, feel free to order anything on the vegetarian-friendly menu, like the grilled cheese on sunflower seed-studded multigrain bread, a champion in its usage of Boursin. And who cares if it’s store bought, there are ice cream sandwiches for sale. Just don’t let the chocolate smudge all over those wooden blocks.

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