Best Bar Snack

The kimchi hog dog at the Passenger
1021 7th St. NW; (202) 393-0220
You can barely crack a bar menu these days without finding yet another chef trying to put a gourmet spin on a greasy American classic. Maybe it’s a collection of Frenched drumsticks with a side of blue cheese mousse (as if any Buffalonian would touch this prissy plate). Or maybe a bowl of oxtail tater tots, which pulls off the impossible: melding two blue-collar ingredients into something upscale. Tom and Derek Brown, the proud new proprietors of their punk oasis–cum–watering hole, the Passenger, decided to go a whole ’nother way with their signature bar snack—a cultural mashup known as the kimchi hot dog. It takes the prosaic Southern slaw dog and gives it the international treatment with a helping of kimchi, a fermented condiment of cabbage, garlic and chilis. Spicy, filling and reasonably priced, it’s just the thing to soak up the Butternuts Porkslap Pale Ale you’ve been guzzling all night.

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