Best Apples

Twin Springs Fruit Farm
257E High Street, Orrtanna, Pa.; (717) 334-4582
Apples get mealy because they’re stored too long. Twin Springs stops harvesting apples in November. So why am I still getting my mind blown by crisp Staymans in March? Nitrogen, friend, nitrogen. So while your clueless coworkers are weeping their way through mushy McIntoshes, your lunchbox will sport heirloom varietals all through the cold months. Winesaps. Mutsus. Grimes Goldens. The gas-controlled storage at Twin Springs keeps the hard-and-tart coming to farmers markets all winter long, along with copra onions, winter squashes, and kale, plus apple cider that tastes like pulverized happiness. Through the regular season there is no reason to forsake the Twin Springs stall, either…unless you spy someone with Arkansas Blacks, in which case you should pounce. I think the guy from Twin Springs would understand that.

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