Best Rock Star of the Second Half of 2017

Sean Barna
Sean Barna’s doing a back-and-forth between Brooklyn and the nation’s capital these days that probably feels like the start of a familiar story: how the city loses its stars-to-be. But Barna’s recent output—namely stark guitar ballads like his Paperhaus-aided “Straight Motherfuckers and Their Famous Friends”—highlights one major Barna talent that is truly worthy of across-the-board recognition. His voice. If #newDC is missing something, it’s a voice with grit that speaks to the city’s redeveloped streets. He has an album forthcoming in 2017, and here’s hoping that his creative spirit matches his affecting and ear-worming Springsteen-meets-Dylan-meets-Bono-esque brogue that’s arguably as pop-yet-alternative as the sum of those parts.