Best Old-School Party Starter

DJ Kool

DJ Kool perfected his craft during the early 1980s, working late nights at downtown club The Room. Born and raised in the Southeast, Kool grew up steeped in go-go culture, and he has mastered turntable skills as well as old-school party chants. “It’s like on one side, I’m a product of Chuck Brown,” he explains, “and on the other, a product of Africa Bambaataa or DJ Kool Herc.”

More than 20 years after “Let Me Clear My Throat” became a worldwide party anthem, DJ Kool still hypes up a crowd like no one else. Lately, he’s been traveling with Rare Essence, cranking their sets to the next level. He has lit up parties in nearly every corner of the globe, including such unlikely locales as Estonia and Nebraska. After he performed for Huskers football fans not long ago, The Daily Nebraskan described him as “the state’s adopted son in the eyes of Nebraska students.”

Can’t have him, folks. He’s ours.