Best Local Music Blogger

Pat is Dope
Pat is Dope is everything you look for in a hip-hop blogger: He’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable, a gifted communicator, and a little bit cocky. But Pat has good reasons to be confident because what he’s accomplished without any major media affiliation is astonishing. Through his blog—a timely collection of music videos, concert footage, urban culture commentary, and artist interviews—he’s become something of a tastemaker, or “plug,” for both local and national musicians. Pat has interviewed an array of A-List rappers (Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea, Big Sean, Migos, A$AP Ferg), and he has a knack for catching them on the verge of superstardom. Pat’s influence resonates far outside the Beltway, though. He routinely travels to other cities and music festivals to interview artists. And through his other gig working with Shoe City as a brand endorser, he also reviews the latest sneaker releases.