Best Jukebox

Showtime Lounge
113 Rhode Island Ave. NW
The jukebox at Showtime is the antithesis of those soulless digital jukeboxes spewing Top 40. This machine runs on a beautifully curated collection of CDs, mostly full of doo-wop, girl groups, and classic soul. The song catalog is a treasure trove of American artists, chock full of quirky categories and pairings, like a page of selections from Betty Everett and Bettye LaVette, and “Do the Do” featuring novelty dance songs that implore you to “do the (insert dance here).” The selection is so good that you could honestly just punch in random numbers and find something worthwhile, but it’s worth taking the time to pore over the list and find hidden gems. Best of all, rather than eating your money without playing your song or forcing you to hit the ATM, this jukebox is totally free.