Best Dance Party Soundtrack For the Resistance

Coup Sauvage & The Snips, Heirs to Nothing
Photograph by Shauna Alexander
Heirs to Nothing, the debut full-length album from Coup Sauvage & The Snips, wasn’t written as a resistance album. At least, that’s the presumption. No doubt that when the band wrote it, a Donald Trump presidency was something we all figured would happen only in an alternate reality. Still, the themes on the album—songs about change and gentrification in D.C. and calling out liars, phonies, flakes, and authority—are more timely than ever. But most importantly, this is an album that will make you dance. Inspired by various genres throughout the decades—Motown, disco, and glam—Heirs to Nothing is the anti-fascist, anti-gentrification, gospel, neo-soul dance party D.C. needs.