Best (Don’t Call it a) House Venue

A resilient spirit, organized message, and a unique experience are the only ways to transcend the functional limitations of independent art. Not exactly a house venue in the traditional sense, OTHERFEELS is more like a showroom, a platform to showcase emerging performers with a particular feel. This Mt. Pleasant basement space—booked by James Scott and a range of collaborators—elevates the DIY experience from ramshackle to purposeful. Their motto, lifted from a quote by visual artist Paul Klee, sums up their ephemeral aesthetic and creative drive: “One eye sees, the other feels.” The sounds of OTHERFEELS are largely genre agnostic. They have a knack for pairing disparate yet complimentary acts, always with a focus on exploration. Back in June, they matched rising psych-math rock band Dawkins and loop sorceress Margot MacDonald, an unexpected spacey success. Or how about when they paired rising electro-R&B act April + Vista with modular synth project Black Lodge back in December? Choice. As an unlicensed space, OTHERFEELS is freed from the limitations of a traditional venue and is in a unique position to straddle the line between DIY and establishment. Their purposeful approach and future-forward sensibilities are a breath of fresh air to the DIY scene that has otherwise toiled in DCHC’s shadow.