Best Way to Learn About D.C. History

“Twelve Years That Shook and Shaped Washington: 1963–1975”
Anacostia Community Museum, 1901 Fort Place SE, (202) 633-4820
For a crash course in local politics and the rise of Mayor-for-Life Marion Barry, read Tom Sherwood and Harry Jaffe’s Dream City. But to learn how D.C. came to be known as Chocolate City and how urban planning decisions led to the transformation of neighborhoods, residents must climb the Morris Street hill to see the Anacostia Community Museum’s latest offering. Through videos, maps, and text, the expansive exhibition looks at everything from the rise of go-go music and the Washington Color School to the emergence of gay and immigrant activists. As the city continues to rapidly evolve, this exhibition helps explain why. The curated soundtrack of period songs playing in the adjoining resource room transports visitors deeper into the era.