Best Place to Dance Like You’re in a Photoshoot

645 Florida Ave. NW, (202) 827-8791

Behind the two wooden doors that lead to Flash, a nightclub on Florida Avenue NW, is an intriguing space. On one side of the first floor is a bar; on the other, a dance floor with a DJ playing a blend of house, techno, and hip-hop. On a Friday night, in some great weather, people can see Flash’s liveness from the street. The club has tables and chairs so patrons can chill out and enjoy the music.

Pretty good, right? Well, that’s not all. There’s a twist to Flash that makes it the place to be in the D.C. nightlife scene. There are two ways to get to the second level: You can go directly to a stairway with a ton of dope graffiti artwork on the walls, or you can reach the stairs through… the booth. It’s a photo booth, to be exact, where people can have their picture taken before they enter the flip side of Flash: a vibrant club where lights flash with the beats and mixes the DJ is currently playing. There’s a path of lights on the walls that lead to the DJ booth, where a group of camera lights flash every time the bass drops. It can feel like you’re dancing in a photoshoot.

With events like DC to BC’s popular VICES dance nights—which happen to feature the best DJs in the District—Flash is becoming a well-recognized venue for performances and parties. It’s definitely the place to slide through on a Saturday night. Hope you’re ready to take pictures.