Best Local YouTube Genre

Metro Fights
New Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld aims to turn the system around. He’s started with at least one top official’s resignation and an unprecedented day-long shutdown of the rail system. When Wiedefeld wants a break, though, maybe he should also consider why videoed fights on the Metro system make for such compulsive viewing. For a while, the reigning favorite was one where a little guy got up repeatedly, only to get smacked down by a much larger man. But last year brought us a new classic, in which a maybe-intoxicated white man veered from homophobia to racism. The passenger he set upon had his own weird turn, demanding that his aggressor “eat me for breakfast.” The video ends, inexplicably, with a third man jumping in to throw some punches. Why are these videos so crazy? Here’s hoping the new general manager will puzzle it out, maybe by starring in one of his own.