Best Instagram Oppo

The Renwick Gallery
1661 Pennsylvania Ave NW, (202) 633-1000
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
It isn’t even a question. “Wonder,” the inaugural exhibition at the Renwick Gallery following its two-year renovation, was the trending-est topic of any D.C. visual event of the last year. Taylor Swift’s 1989 stop at Nationals Park may not have generated as many selfies as the nine-installation show. What happens next is bound to disappoint the Renwick Gallery’s rabid new fans: The museum is ostensibly devoted to craft and decorative arts. Its collection is rather more polite than the floor-to-ceiling showstoppers of “Wonder,” so its follow-up exhibit may stun viewers who have come to think of it as the ‘Gramming Museum. A new way to pitch the Renwick’s sturdy collection is welcome, but the museum should stop short of hanging an animated neon shingle on the front of its building.