Best Electronic Music Collaboration

In the vernacular, “lifted” has a few connotations: getting high, finding blissful enlightenment, or a combination of the two. It’s the combination that seems to best describe Lifted, an electronic music collaboration launched by D.C.’s own Max D and Baltimore-based Matt Papich, who records as Co La. The pair supplemented their improvised sessions with contributions from an international crew that includes ambient pioneer Gigi Masin and 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund. The resulting freeform experiments make up 1, a spacious, elastic, and confounding LP that draws from jazz, techno, and ambient styles. Standout track “Total Care Zero” flirts with a four-on-the-floor kick but seems more interested in the sounds at the margins: bird-like synths, drum-circle rhythms, and ambient swells. And while it may take its name from a Listerine label, the song’s title underscores the LP’s “no fucks given” ethos.