Best Construction Wall Art

Farmers Market Mural
5th and K streets NW
With development comes construction, and in D.C. it seems like every other block is being boarded up as rowhouses give way to condos and boutique hotels. But while chain-link fencing and corporate ads surround most construction sites, a few—mostly on the dime of Business Improvement Districts—feature paintings and portraits that reflect a neighborhood’s character. One of the best examples is found at the corner of 5th and K streets NW, across from Busboys and Poets, where a mural by Rose Jaffe and Cita Sadeli depicts residents at a local farmers market. The paintings, which include sketches of people picking and preparing fruits and vegetables, provide a warm and folksy layer to a streetscape increasingly dominated by cold glass and exposed steel beams. It’s little gestures like this that can make city blocks more human and vibrant as their facades are renovated or changed forever.