Best Collectibles

Sister Polygon Tapes
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
If you know about Sister Polygon records, the scrappy homegrown label of D.C. DIY standard–bearers Priests, you know there’s a reason its vinyl singles and small-run cassettes seem to disappear quickly. The growing discography isn’t just a glimpse into the tastes and leanings of the District’s best punk export; it’s a fascinating, sui generis lineup of some of the city’s strangest, smartest, and scuzziest music (not to mention some kindred spirits from beyond the District line). Take the dystopian/devotional drone instrumentals of Carni Klirs, the womb-like jangle-pop of Hothead, or the cheeky garage deconstructions of Dudes. It’s music of sonic diversity and a common, handmade ethos—in other words, a scene. In 10 years, you’ll be glad you own the complete set.