Best Best-Dressed Band

Getting The Look down isn’t an easy feat. Consciously or not, every band has a certain look to it. For some, it’s deliberate and fantastical and extravagant. For others, it’s merely a direct reflection of its members’ personal style. Governess—the surf-pop trio of Erin McCarley, Kieca Mahoney, and Kim Weeks—combines these two ideas to create its aesthetic, and it’s almost as good as the reverb-drenched brand of power-pop it plays. At the shows I’ve been to, McCarley, Mahoney, and Weeks sported matching, homemade dresses—different ones each time. For a show that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Lorelei’s debut album, its members plastered the dresses with rows of oversized googly eyes. At Polyon’s tape release show, the outfits were cut from thick wool fabric. It might be a minor detail in the overall context of the band, but it leaves an impression.