Best Adult Playground Posing as a Museum

The National Building Museum
401 F St. NW, (202) 272-2448
Photograph by Courtesy National Building Museum
If you go to the National Building Museum for a museum, you’ll come away disappointed. The exhibits aren’t worth the $10 entrance fee, and the lonely gaps between them can make it seem more like the National Building Office Park. Instead, embrace the “museum” for what it is: a home for pricey, Instagram-friendly installations during the summer. This all kicked off a with a mini-golf course years ago. But considering its exhibits since then—the museum has been filled with beach-style plastic balls and a huge maze—mini-golf seems quaintly unambitious. This summer, they’ll fill the Great Hall with a sort of iceberg—the best evidence yet that, when it comes to understanding the Building Museum, it’s better just go with the flow.