Best Shaolin-Themed Cocktails

Wu-Tang Wednesdays at the Satellite Room
2047 9th St. NW, (202) 506-2496
With its recent announcement that it would sell only one copy of its upcoming album, legacy rap crew the Wu-Tang Clan has made a play for art-world consideration with a clever if frustrating rethinking of the album as an object. But an auction hall isn’t the weirdest place you can consecrate the Tao of Wu these days. Every Wednesday at 10 p.m., the Satellite Room, the Eric and Ian Hilton–owned ’60s-style bar and diner behind the 9:30 Club, offers up a special Wu-Tang-themed cocktail menu, apparently for no reason in particular. For $7, the bartender will whip up any of six Wu-inspired beverages: Hot Nikkels, Supreme Clientele, Ol’ Dirty, Killa Beez, It’s Yourz, and The Wu-Tang. There’s no Staten Island Iced Tea yet, but here’s hoping.